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Home of the Seagulls

originally built in the early 1880s
last rebuilt in

Our mission: Know every child by name and need

All staff members are committed to every child’s success.

All children learn differently and uniquely.

All staff promote student excellence, both personal and academic.

All staff provide a safe learning environment, physically and emotionally.

All staff members use ongoing assessments to determine instructional focus and student needs.

Parents are a crucial component of the school community.

Our history

Lake Shore Elementary School is one of the older schools in the district. The first Lake Shore school was built in the early 1880s. The original building still stands on the south side of Burnt Bridge Creek.

A second Lake Shore was built circa 1894 and was located at NW 21st Avenue and 94th Street. The building later was torn down in 1961.

The school consolidated with the Vancouver School District in July 1954. The third Lake Shore was completed in 1955. It contained 12 classrooms.

Within seven years, however, the area began to boom, enrollment increased and the school outgrew its space. For many years, parts of the student population were sent to neighboring schools, including Hazel Dell and Fruit Valley elementaries. 

Lake Shore Elementary SchoolOther historic moments:

January 1998 — The district decides to replace Lake Shore Elementary’s building.

September 1999 – The new Lake Shore Elementary is completed. There is space in the new building for up to 550 students.

February 2001 – Lake Shore receives a Community Pride Design Award.