We are off to a great start! The beginning of the year is always an exciting
time filled with many smiles and eager faces. I am excited to see the
learning that is already taking place in each classroom.
We are continuing our work with PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions
and Supports) this year. We will be focusing on what it means to have
good character through a monthly focus on one of our character
traits. During our first assembly we introduced our first trait, friendship.
Our staff modeled how to make a new friend by sharing
three simple steps with students: introduce yourself, ask the person to
play a game or give them a compliment, and if they say no thank you, try
again another day. We have also been talking about friendship during our morning announcements.
Our phrase for this month is…if you want a friend, be a friend.
This year we will be continuing our focus on improving students’ math skills. We
recognize that some students are performing above expectations and we
want to create opportunities for these students to engage in higher level
thinking and problem solving. At the same time, we also know that some
students need more practice or review on current or previously taught
skills. We have set aside time to be able have all students work in groups
that focus on their particular needs outside of the regularly occurring
math instruction. We hope to provide more individualized
instruction for each student that is targeted for their specific
needs in math. The teachers will be reviewing assessment data to determine
student needs and groupings. More information will be shared by the
classroom teacher as we get closer to starting these groups.
I recently have had a name change and will now be Ms. Stone. My email should be changing this week.
I hope your child had a great start to the school year and that you are enjoying
these fleeting sun-filled days.
Starlet Stone
Lake Shore Principal