Student Pick-Up Procedures

//Student Pick-Up Procedures

Lake Shore Student Pick-Up Procedures

At Lake Shore we want to make sure all students get home safely and are pickedup

by designated safe adults. Any time you or a designated person is picking up

your child, that person must be listed on the student’s Emergency Contact list and

will be required to show ID until they are recognized by Lake Shore staff.

Curbside Car Pick-Up

If you wish to remain in your car and pick-up your student, please pull forward as

traffic allows and we will load students in the first 3-4 cars. Please remain in your

car and the student will be sent to you once you are recognized. Once you have

been identified as a safe pick-up for a student you will be given a special placard

to display in at the bottom of the passenger side front window. This will help us

recognize who has already had their ID checked and verified. If you do not have

your placard you may be asked for ID.

Important Reminders

*If you have a change in plans and a different adult will be picking up your child,

please make sure they are on your child’s Emergency Contact list and that they

bring ID.

* We cannot release students to adults that are not on the Emergency Contact


*You can add or delete adults from the Emergency Contact List, just contact the

office for the form.

*All changes in going home plans need to be in writing.

*Please remember that we are doing this to keep your child safe so please be

patient with us.


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