Kindergarten Jump Start

Kindergarten Jump Start is a free program for incoming kindergarteners that takes place a few weeks before the school year begins. Students participate in a variety of math, literacy and hands-on activities; learn school routines; and become familiar with their new surroundings.

Data shows that students who attend Jump Start are better prepared for kindergarten than children who do not participate. They also gain confidence, leadership skills and enthusiasm for school. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your child a successful transition to kindergarten!

To register your child, please contact the Lake Shore office.

Early childhood education: Pre-kindergarten

Preschool students who are referred, evaluated and found eligible for early childhood special education—ECSE—services will receive an individualized education program. These students may be served in ECSE classes located at one of three district schools, including Lake Shore Elementary, as well as at certain community settings, depending on the child’s individual needs. For more information, please contact the Vancouver Early Childhood Evaluation Clinic at 360-313-4853.

Structured learning programs

Lake Shore Elementary has one Intensive Academic and two Developmental Skills classrooms. These are magnet programs to support students with different abilities, including behavioral and cognitive challenges. Our teachers have special training and are skilled in helping their students be successful at school.